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REMBE® Grounding



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The grounding monitoring system SYMEGA.VO may be used in
the potentially explosive areas of Zones 1 and
21. It provides a secure connection
of stationary and mobile, metallic or conductive and
conductive objects and good earth.
The built-in LEDs indicate the current status of the
grounding process.

Thanks to the two built-in potential-free changeover contacts
This condition can be fully integrated into the process control system
and thus provides the greatest possible
The measurement can be carried out in two variants
low-resistance for potential equalization of
0–1 kΩ or 103 Ω for all metallic objects and
high-resistance for potential equalization of 0–3 MΩ or
3 x 106 Ω for big bags type C.


technical data
area of ​​application Zones 1, 2 and 21, 22
ex marking

II (1) 2G Ex eb ia mb IIC T4 Gb
II (1) 2D Ex ia tb 120° C Db
check number TPS 18 ATEX 92819 002 X
housing material

Stainless steel V2A
housing sizes/ number of grounding systems

200x200x80mm / 1
200x200x120mm / 2
200x300x120mm / 3
300x300x120mm / 4
protection class IP64
potential-free changeover contacts 2 pieces per board
supply voltage 8V to 28V DC
power consumption < 1W per board
switching current relay contact
max. 2A DC
max. 6A AC
ambient temperature -20°C to +40°C
scope of application

Barrels, containers, trucks, tankers, big bags type C, IBC containers
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