Collection: Grounding clamps

are the all-rounders when temporary grouning connections have to be made. They are used wherever permanent grounding connections are not possible. With the help of the strong contact force, the grounding clamps can be connected to almost all objects.

The grounding clamps were developed to withstand high stresses over long periods of time.

Discover long-lasting, reliable equipment for grounding electrostatic charges:

Pliers holder

The clamp holder offers the optimal hold for all grounding clamps and ensures neat storage so that the grounding clamps do not lie on the floor. Installation is done using simple M6 screws.


Grounding Reel

The locking function ensures a secure connection and the eddy current brake enables the cable to be rolled up safely.


Grounding cable

In different designs, industry-specific requirements can be met.
Thanks to the long-lasting restoring forces of the spiral cables, they can be used safely over a long period of time.