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REMBE® Grounding



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The SYMEGA.SI grounding system is installed in the control cabinet outside of potentially explosive areas. It creates a safe connection between stationary and mobile, metallic or conductive objects and a good grounding . The circuits for grounding and the LEDs are intrinsically safe and can be routed into zones 0 and 20 in order to visualize the current status of the grounding process in the application to the user. For maximum safety, this status can be fully integrated into the process control system using the two potential-free changeover contacts. The potential equalization can be measured in two variants: low-resistance for potential equalization of 0–1 kΩ or 103 Ω for all metallic objects and high-resistance for potential equalization of 0–3 MΩ or 3 x 106 Ω for
Big Bags Type C.


technical data
application area (measuring circuit) Non-Ex, Zone 0, 1, 2 and 20, 21, 22
ex marking II (1) GD [Ex ia] IIC [Ex ia] IIIC
check number TPS 18 ATEX 92819 0003 X

in non-Ex area
measuring cable Ex-i Zone 0 and Zone 20
case size 35x110x105mm
potential-free changeover contacts 2 pieces
supply voltage 8V to 28V DC
power consumption < 1W
switching current relay contact
max. 2A DC
max. 6A AC
scope of application

Barrels, containers, trucks, tankers, big bags type C, IBC containers
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