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REMBE® Grounding

Grounding spiral cable

Grounding spiral cable

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The two-pole spiral cables are used to connect the intrinsically safe circuits of the SYMEGA.VO and SYMEGA.SI grounding monitoring systems with their peripherals (e.g. grounding clamps). The cable sheath is resistant to acids, alkalis, mineral oils, greases and other chemicals. Since the spiral cables meet all the requirements of the DIN EN 60079-0 and DIN EN 60079-14 standards, they can be used in potentially explosive areas.

✓ highly flexible cable
✓ resistant to acids, alkalis and chemicals
✓ free from silicones
✓ custom production of special lengths


technical data
operation area according to DIN EN 60079-14
cable type
coat color blue
wire type Copper, tinned
cross-section 2x0.75mm²
page A + B
150 mm tangential each
capacity 56nF/m


0.53 mH/km
ambient temperature -40° C to +80° C/td>
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